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Uncle Dave
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August 2012
  Rule idea for 2 players only Sat, 25 August 2012 20:06
When playing with just 2 players, the 5 face-up cards can become stagnent fairly often.
So I've devised a change that is working beautifully!

I'm assuming this idea can only be done when using an actual board (not on-line. Although I haven't yet played on-line, so I'm not sure).

How it works: Each time a face-up card is removed, that empty area is filled by sliding the cards toward the left and always adding the new face-up card on the far right. Anytime a player chooses to take 2 blinds off the top of the deck, the face-up card on the far left is discarded, and a new card comes up on the far right. Only do this when a player takes 2 blinds (not just 1), so they don't rotate too often.

Doing this with 3 players is debatable, but I wouldn't do it with more than that.
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Re:Rule idea for 2 players only Mon, 27 August 2012 10:04
Sounds like an interesting house rule. The online game cannot be modified from the 'official rules' that would be used in a tournament, so your idea would only be used for a table-top game. Cool
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