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Turbos new Expert scenario: Templeton's Crossing Fri, 07 September 2012 19:41
Hello again,

I have now added my newest expert scenario, this time from the Pacific Front in New Guinea.

As always, test it, enjoy it and let me know your comments and suggestions!
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Re:Turbos new Expert scenario: Templeton's Crossing Sat, 08 September 2012 09:26
Swedish Oak and I agree, a good map and it plays evenly.

However, there seems to be a bug in the end-game - he misses on 4 dice against my single figure infantry to win - then I play my only usable card - lucky for me, a Barrage that I use against his single-figure infantry with no retreat...but I miss on all four... 937415

Did you program that part? Quite good if you did, we certainly got some extra turns in.

Rolling Eyes

On a more serious note, the in-game help says that units firing out of the stream ford do so at -1 dice; but several times (as Allied) we fired from that hex at range of two against the japanese in the jungle, and managed to do so at one die.

Perhaps this is a known bug, it may be on the big list o' bugs that I was referred to a while back. There were too many to remember.

Thanks so much for the map, it is well thought-out.
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