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ipad: Wishlist Fri, 12 October 2012 11:33
It would be great if we could check opponent's ranking on the iPad before starting a game.

Under "Games":

- if I create a game and someone joins, I'd like to click on their name and get their rank. At the moment, I have to start the game and then I can click on their name and get their rank once the game is in progress. This is annoying if I've created a ranked game ie 1300+ and I discover I'm playing with a 1053 player, for example. Now my only options are to play the game (and get a minuscule score to win, or a massive loss) or I can exit and lose Karma.
- if I'd like to join a game and click on the name of the game, I get to see who created the game. I'd like to click on their name and see their rank. At the moment, nothing seems to happen if I click on the creator's name.

Hope this can be implemented some day soon!

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