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confused about some rules Sat, 27 October 2012 10:59
Hi there.

I picked up Small Worlds Underground plus the expansions and stuff, basically everything but the surface (since I don't need the board or rules from the surface version, 40¤ seemed a bit much for the races).

We played now three games, and some questions came up. Such as:

- sometimes Ghouls are mentioned. Since they seem to be part of the surface version, we ignore the cards or whatever that talk about Ghouls?

- in "Realms" were a bunch of additional places or relics or something, that don't really have an explanation. I guess they are there in case you want to make up something yourself?

- in "Undergrounds", there is a list, which terrain types of Underground as basically equal with the surface version. The list is not complete though. Like: if you play Undergrounds, and a card mentioned meadows, which terrain type are you supposed to take?

- where are you supposed to put the peak on, in Realms and Underground. The rulesbook says "put them on the countries with the symbol", but it doesn't mention what symbol, nor do I see there any symbol

- some cards mention stuff such as... I think mines, or something, in the surface version? There are no such things in the Underground one. Are you supposed to ignore these cards when playing the Underground version?

And then there were some more specific questions.

- Like, if you got the Gypsies, that can put victory coins on areas they abandon and still gain money from them, and the Gypsies are marauding, can they basically abandon countries twice a turn, so make double money this way?

- Or, what's with a vampiric race, that is out of additional tokens. Are they unable to use their ability, or do they just kill the opponents token and not replace it?

Thanks for any help. Smile
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Re:confused about some rules Sat, 27 October 2012 19:48
My first advice would be to check the Small World forums a bit further down the list of forum topics. You'll find a forum dedicated to Small World and Underground, and some of your questions will be answered there.

You might also look for the FAQ threads in each forum because that will help you as well. Cool
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