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Africa - Terrain card clarification + card dimensions Thu, 01 November 2012 06:45
Was looking thru the rules for the Heart of Africa and wanted to get clarification on an item plus card dimensions.

1). To be able to double a route one has to play a terrain card with the wagon cards to claim the route. (Ie if using the example in the rule book but it was Peter claiming the route vs John, Peter would still have to play just 1 terrain card to double, assuming other players had only one of that terrain type showing). correct??

2) in regard to the terrain cards themselves, are they the same size as destination cards and their backs different? Basically seeing if a different type of card sleeves are required.


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Re:Africa - Terrain card clarification + card dimensions Sun, 23 December 2012 00:38
Been a while since you asked, but since nobody replied...

1) Not sure if I understand your question correctly, but you need to discard a) enough wagon cards for the route, as usual, and b) 1 or 2 terrain cards if you wish to double the points. You are only allowed to use terrain cards if you have at least the same number of cards (of that type) as any other player. Locomotives may be used as wildcards.

2) Yes, terrain cards are the same size as all other cards, but have different backs.
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