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looking for new player foes Sat, 01 December 2012 21:37
I am only lightly experienced in the board version and have only played twice online. I am hoping to actually face a human foe online sometime this week.

What I was wondering, because I am truly hesitant to waste someone's ingots, is this. If you are willing to be a newbie's foe, please put a message in this thread with your screen name. I nearly always play weekdays during the day as I work nights and most weekends. Thanks for anyone who is willing to take a chance.
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Re:looking for new player foes Sat, 01 December 2012 21:41
Usually off on Mondays and Tuesdays. Always looking for new opponents. Shocked
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October 2011
Re:looking for new player foes Sat, 01 December 2012 22:19
I'm always willing !

In fact, I'm working on the low percentage side of a handful of scenarios ( for promo ) so you can probably get a few wins in if you see me camped out somewhere...
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December 2008
Re:looking for new player foes Sat, 01 December 2012 23:16
So am I, but I advise you to take up anyone online; anyone between a rookie and a veteran. You can always win and loose from both and you will certainly learn from both.

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May 2010
Re:looking for new player foes Sun, 02 December 2012 04:41
I would be more than happy to play you. Not usually available at the times that you are, but might be during Christmas week. (I usually play Friday night and Saturday late afternoon and/or evening.)I wish you well!
van Voort
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August 2011
Re:looking for new player foes Sun, 02 December 2012 07:35
I'll play anybody (apart from those who are on my ignore list)

Indeed, in some situations playing a Cadet is a promotion requirement.

In fact, just about everybody will be willing to play you, the only possible exception will be those chasing rating above all else. They don't go up much if they beat you, and they stand to lose a lot if you beat them
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November 2007
Re:looking for new player foes Sun, 02 December 2012 16:12
I too would play you gladly. Since we are 6 hours apart, your weekdays would coincide with my evenings.

And as I stated in the other thread: don't be nervous, just play. if you meat an unfriendly opponent he will have wasted your ingots not you his. But I think the chance of meeting unfriendly people on here is really low.

There are some, and especially new players might not have gotten the hang of M44 etiquette, but they usually learn quickly I think.

You are taking your time spending time on the forum and getting to know the game and our community. My compliments for that.

But enough is enough: I now pull rank on you and order you to go into battle against human opponents. (Brigadiers can do that. Razz )

If you want to get a head start on the promotion requirements take a looksy over here.

Now go out there and FIGHT! Cool
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Re:looking for new player foes Mon, 03 December 2012 15:29

Hi, I am in agreement with my fellow players, play humans as much as possible, invite those available and it will be their choice to accept, I for one never decline unless I am waiting on a prior appt or if unfortunately LIFE gets in the way!

It matters not who I play, newb or vet, figure things will even out, perhaps not always, but what I might lose in skill points I will gain in experience! If I was worried about skill points I wouldn't be playing one and all!

So, if u see me out there, invite away and I will be happy to engage in a battle of wits and might!
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