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Another phantom scenario, but this time only for me Tue, 05 February 2013 18:29
I just noticed that there seems to be a "ghost scenario" among my unpublished private scenarios. "Cavalry Charge at Chebotarevsky" is listed at the bottom of the "My Scenarios" list. As I recreated all new EP / EP Bonus scenarios with the M44 editor (the EP Bonus maps have still not been added to the official scenario database), it may be possible that I accidentally clicked on "Save on DoW Online" instead of the standard "Save" or "Save As" button, but if so, the map should be listed in the editor when I use "Open from DoW Online" (which it isn't), and it should also contain the correct terrain and units, but in fact, the map is labeled as "classified" and there is only an empty board if I try to play it from the "My Scenarios" list". Has anybody encountered a similar problem or knows how I can get rid of this phantom scenario?
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