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Glitch in AI Reasoning Sat, 16 March 2013 21:24
I just played a game where I had blocked in the computer AI opponent into a corner of the board between my Declined White Ladies and Hobbity-Holes. Basically his Trolls (he had 5 to play) couldn't go anyplace due to the invincible regions. He kept just re-deploying to the same 3 regions.

While this made sense at first (his in-decline race were doing well for him scoring wise), but as I wiped the declined tokens off the map, he just kept up his strategy of: "Should I play with 5 tokens? Yes, okay let's go. Where can I attack? Nowhere, well I guess I'll just redeploy".

I have a screen shot of this arrangement but I'm not sure it's possible to upload a picture to this forum? Anyhow, was just hoping someone from DOW could take a look at this set up and fix whatever the logic glitch is. It was definitely not a good strategy!
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Re:Glitch in AI Reasoning Sun, 17 March 2013 04:41
Hi Mem,

Welcome to the forums!! Yes, the AI doesn't always make the best choices...though it usually does pretty well. DoW knows about this shortcoming and they are working to improve it.

In fact, they are working on Small World 2 for iPad which will add a 2-5 player option, a new in-app-purchase expansion, aschronus (sp?) play, and other fun options! It should be out sometime this summer.

They're also running a kickstarter campaign, if you haven't heard about it, to port the game for Android and PC...and there are some exclusive digital races that you could get in on. Here's the link to their project:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/daysofwonder/small-world -2-the-return

Enjoy the game and let us know if you have other questions! This community is happy to help.
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