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Next ? Sat, 23 March 2013 19:00
What should I buy next after the original game ? Is ther a specific order ?
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Re:Next ? Sat, 23 March 2013 19:39
player1291259 wrote on Sat, 23 March 2013 19:00

What should I buy next after the original game ? Is ther a specific order ?


no, there is not a specific order to get the expansions. However, there are some very helpful documents created by other members explaining what you get and what you may need with every expansion.

You may want to choose a front and go for that expansion. Many of us got the Eastern Front or the Pacific Theater, but be advised that you may end up getting a couple or even three expansions at once.

Usually, people get the Eastern Front + Desert/Winter Board or the Pacific Theater + Terrain Pack. With the first bundle, you'll be able to play a lot of new scenarios, with new units in the frozen winter of the Russians and Northern Europe with the Commisar Rules, which gives the Russian player orders a quirk twist. With the latter, you'll open your eyes to the US Marine Corps and the bold, dared Japanese Infantry and the Terrain Pack will allow you to play, literally, tons of scenarios.

Welcome and have fun!
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Re:Next ? Sat, 23 March 2013 19:58
This pdf file might help you decide. I made it with rules additions, terrain additions, ect. for each expansion.
You can download it here: df

download it and open it with your pdf reader and check it out!

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Re:Next ? Thu, 04 April 2013 05:03
player1291259 wrote on Sat, 23 March 2013 14:00

What should I buy next after the original game ? Is there a specific order ?

The Online game should more than give you your $30 worth. It helps teach you the rules too.

The Completist's page has a list of expansions, free or pay, mostly in order.

When I first started I printed some other scenarios like Gold Beach, Po Valley, and Relief of Peiper, which don't use the expansions.

Then we got the Terrain Pack, played some of those then printed Valkenswaard (which uses roads + flooded fields). Battle of Warsaw also uses TP tiles (roads + fortresses) and Air Strikes rule and is a fun scenario.

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