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Ticket to Ride while Riding a Ticket (or: Zug um Zug im Zug) Sat, 29 June 2013 05:21
Unnoticed by the general TTR community a new spectacular tournament was held during June in Germany. It was the

1st InterCity Open Tournament

Even there were only two participants the interest of the general public was amazing. Rumours are telling that the Deutsche Bahn sold double the tickets than on a usual Sunday for the train from Dresden to Duisburg. As a regular German InterCity train can hold at least 750 people the match is supposed to be the TTR tournament with the most spectators ever in history. Wink
Unfortunately no photo was taken of the exhausted crowd.

The match was played in 9 games and despite both participants tried the other one to drink more alcohol in a very famous nightlife area in Dresden the night before, both started very optimistic in the first ever Ticket to Ride match playing during riding a ticket. Unfortunately one of the players, well known as chrismmm_1987, were not used to the temperatures produced by the air-condition as they were at least 10 degrees below his yearly average and therefore made two big mistakes while playing which give the former winner of the Grenada Championship (http://www.daysofwonder.com/de/msg/?goto=234080#msg_234080) and new InterCity Open champion, also know as Schwen, the shot for the title.

Grats Schwen!

And here are the results of the single games - all were played with the classic US deck:

Schwen vs. chrismmm_1987 7-2

1st match - Dresden-Riesa: 102-112
2nd match - Riesa-Leipzig: 127-124
3rd match - Leipzig-Weißenfels: 133-150 (5 tix minimum)
4th match - Weißenfels-Erfurt: 154-135 (5 tix minimum)
5th match - Erfurt-Eisenach: 111-109 (6 tracks blocked)
6th match - Eisenach-Bebra: 81-79 (6 tracks blocked)
break between Bebra and Paderborn
7th match - Paderborn-Soest: 116-106 (one ticket open)
8th match - Soest-Hamm: 104-94 (one ticket open)
9th match - Hamm-Bochum: 101-70
Bochum-Duisburg: award ceremony

Photo from Game 5:

LG, Chris
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