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  Server Stalls Sun, 18 August 2013 00:34
Over the last two days or so, I have had several (i.e., more than two) games in which the server stalled on either moves or battles. I designate a move and the unit sits there like there is a mutiny. I designate a target and the the red circle around the targeted unit expands and contracts like crazy, but the dice are not generated for a minute or more. (Not an exaggeration; a genuine minute.)
Is the server overwhelmed with players? It is a bit annoying.
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Re:Server Stalls Tue, 20 August 2013 19:54
Maybe the enemy was jamming the server? Cool

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Re:Server Stalls Sat, 24 August 2013 18:57
I had the same issues for about a week or so, but it has been better the past few days.

I also had another issue, everything was running really slowly and freezing up, after a few days of this I started trying some troubleshooting as it was only M44 on my laptop that was having the issue...I discovered that M44 was running a second time in the background, as soon as I ended the second M44 from running everything returned to normal Smile
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