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Wishlist community Mon, 02 September 2013 21:43
Things to make Ticket to Ride better (PC Version for Steam)?! Wishes and Must Have Wink For DoW and Developers!
Hope Days of Wonder and developers read this thread. Community too Wink. Post your ideas! Thank you for your interest in TTR and this thread!

What do you think about this ideas? Post your comments!

I like all the board maps. Hope all the stuff is available soon for digital game too! Very nice for me: A leader board for each offline map!

NEW: Wish-Want-list - Consolidation list of the community:

- All the board maps for PC too plus extension (custom maps sounds good too)
- Leaderboard for each offline map
- More stats like as of Day of wonder website
- Ability to kick/ban another player (jerk stop ;-])
- Better AI for offline games (AI sometimes very silly-no ending strategy)
- Additional ability to click on the tickets to show them all
- More visibility when its your turn (like Memoir 44)
- Hotseat mode (offline multiplayer human vs human)
- Home Network mode

Custom rules (certainly unranked):
- Switch for using double route by 2/3 players
- Switch for using train station for all the maps

Bug fixing:
- online game: if game text is too long, letters of player name are overwritten
- if you came from online mode (watching a live game as audience) and then you go back to offline mode sometimes it doesnt work anymore (click offline game - nothing appears) - some grafic is missing - update: same as; after watching a live game and then going into the next online game, after first action, no further updates happen => you have to end TTR and restart game!!!
- if you watch an online game, there is no chance to watch ending score - game Ends and you are in the lobby
- delete ignored players is only possible with TTR version you have ignored (steam or online game from days of wonder)
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Re:Wishlist community Tue, 17 September 2013 23:50
#1 wish is for more maps - all the ones that are available as board games.
Ability to choose human player(s) color on local game regardless of initiator.
Show # of destinations remaining in draw pile.
Longest route/most cities counters during local play.
Ability to turn off "Your Turn" sign that pops up and hides bottom of map.
All AIs available all maps.
Halloween theme/ghosts that I missed last year. Boo.

We love the game and play it daily on our iPads!!
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Re:Wishlist community Tue, 22 April 2014 22:56
I would like if you purchase the board game you also get the digital version as well.
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Re:Wishlist community Tue, 22 April 2014 23:47
G3NSM0R3S wrote on Tue, 22 April 2014 13:56

I would like if you purchase the board game you also get the digital version as well.

But DoW had to put in tons of time and money into making these versions. They would be losing a lot of money by giving them away for free! Rolling Eyes

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