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Communication between the online community and Days of wonder Sat, 23 November 2013 08:03
The competitive online community knows Days of Wonder has other priorities than developing the web version, and I think that we have not complained too much about it lately.

We still expect some kind of regular maintenance on the web version (again low expectations, nothing too painful). We've addressed some diverse concerns lately to Days of Wonder and none of them have been solved. It's pretty regrettable.

  • Some players lost the sound of their bell.

    Sysyphus - Pommard wrote

    on Sat, 29 June 2013
    Many players noticed that the bell calling for your turn during a game does not work anymore.
    Also, the bell to ring a buddy or someone in the lobby does not seem to work either.

    I know some players addressed this issue via your contact page.

  • The lobby is filled up with aborted games. Could we expect a regular cleaning ? Expect this bug to be fixed ?

    Sysyphus - Pommard wrote on Mon, 04 November 2013 16:22

    Sysyphus - Pommard wrote on Mon, [b

    30 September 2013 06:15[/b]
    TuS WhiteTrain wrote on Sun, 08 Sep 2013 09:25

    It`s happening again, could you do another lobby cleaning ?

    That would be very nice...

    One more cleaning is needed, please !

    Thanks !

  • The resume button is not working consistently... Both players may not benefit from the resume button to finish a tournament game. It would be helpful for the competitive community to see it fixed.

  • There was a nice work from you to set up badges for various tournament achievements. Is that realistic to see this feature consistently alive in the future ?

  • There's apparently a qualifyier for the World Championship that will be held online.
    Will the competitive community be consulted about its organization ? Will the World championship format close to what a World Champion should look like ? I think we have a good experience in the matter and most of us would be very happy to contribute in some ways.

  • What channel should we use to keep the communication going between the competitive community and the Days of wonder crew ?

    Forums seem to be useless on that regard.
    We've been told pm's are of no use.
    The contact page has proved to be inefficient.

    Thanks for your answers...

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