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  Small World 2 is now available for Macintosh Wed, 29 January 2014 17:02
Small World 2, the massive digital version of our best-selling epic fantasy board game continues to roll out over new territory - for the first time, Small World is now available for the Macintosh via the Steam platform.

Mac Steam players will find all kinds of online competition waiting for them as they join the thousands of Small World 2 players already on the Days of Wonder Online network.


If you are ready to be invaded by this zany cast of fantasy characters, now is the time to get Small World 2 for your Mac. To download and/or join Steam visit the Small World 2 Steam page.

If you've already purchased Small World 2 for Steam you can download the Mac version from your Steam account for free.

Go Big with Small World 2 for Mac!

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