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2014 in Paris Mon, 23 June 2014 10:34
I qualified yesterday for the world championship this year as I won the Norwegian championship in Ticket to Ride. First of all I was wondering when it will be? On the website it just says september in Paris. Isnt it about time to settle some dates so the participants can book the event in our schedules?

Then I am also curious about how to sort out the practic things like booking transportation and so on, it says the airfare is covered.

Also I would like to know a bit on what kind of TTR games you plan to play and in what format? 1 vs 1? And so on..
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Re:2014 in Paris Tue, 24 June 2014 02:18
First, congrats for your win.

We (competitive community) do not know much more than you; although we have 10 guys or so already qualified.
Hard to know what's going on : world championship page is not updated, and that special forum is...deader than dead.
Basic format is first round : multis and then KO 2-player.
But who knows how the final will look like.

You will more likely hear from them before you get an answer here.

In the meantime, train online ! It will serve you well !

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