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Injured reserve!! Mon, 21 July 2014 01:24
Hey Friends,

Worked about 39 hrs last Sun,Mon Tues.Also, Had to go take care of some real sick people in middle of night

Anyway, Had major oral-Maxillary Surgery on Weds 16th, It was all planned , but knocked me for a loop! Looks like I got my lights knocked out by Joe Frazier or Ali, or for you younger folks, Mike Tyson( but at least did not get my ear bit off and contract VD, Doc did give me the Tattoe!! Haha!!

Anyway,not to bore you with details, but had congenital birth defect, know as cleft lip and partial palate.
Well that bone under upper front of my mouth was wearing away after 60 + yrs , and teeth were in danger of falling out, so to avoid looking like I got hit by a hockey puck, they got this new tech where the doc can do a bone graft, then put in implants later, which will keep rest of teeth from falling out!

So, this is my first day up, playing with the computer! Did not do well on battlefield, painkillers numb up your tactics !! Missed all you warriors! But, I was put on restrictions by my doc!
Which is very hard for me, I'm not one for lying around!

Anyway, Doing well, got a lot of swelling , looks like a good ole black eye on the left,"you should see the other guy" ! LOL

But not able to sit up too long, also occasionally have to take a painkiller, which makes me wordier than usual, thus the long message. + the pain meds seem to affect my game play, Imagine that!! LOL.

Well, hope to be feeling, better by midweek, so will rejoin you in battle .

I owe a few of you some rematches due to emergencies at work and thunderstorms, so sorry about not being able to finish.

I was playing Bodie in Bastogne scenario, when I had to run and take care of something during work. Don't think I will do that again, can't play during work, too many emergencies, the gall of some people!! Haha!

Well, I'll be back in action soon, I'll have to resight my rifle!!

Peace out! Steve

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Re:Injured reserve!! Mon, 21 July 2014 19:55
Ouch! Feel good soon.

You're not getting older, you're getting better!
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