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Catapult FTW! Wed, 24 December 2014 22:33
There is a widespread opinion among the players of Small World, that Catapult is a weak Special Power. Those who think so usually compare it to Dragon Master, pointing out that the latter has a much more significant attack bonus. Many players believe that Catapult should be able to attack several regions per turn, while the rule allows only one attack with it.

I have always thought that Catapult is a very strong Special Power, even with one attack bonus per turn. There is an asynchronous game going on with my online buddies, I don't know if I am going to win or not, but I must say that Catapult is working miracles for me in this match. Have a look at the screenshot, nothing of the kind could happen with Dragon Master. I am not saying that Dragon Master is weaker than Catapult, but there are situations where Catapult can do much more than the Dragon.!178&a mp;a mp;authkey=!ALDumNnzixyjm7k&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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Re:Catapult FTW! Fri, 30 January 2015 16:06
Catapult is a little more impressive in the 4+ player games because the lake is so much bigger, allowing Catapult to fling attackers at far more regions simply by crossing the lake. Smile I'm not saying it's a huge difference, but it's a little more useful and certainly more fun.

Catapult is basically a way to prevent opponents from setting up a defensive blockade against your attacks, and also a way of skipping towards more desirable regions with a small (-1) bonus. I think the thing that ultimately makes Catapult worthwhile is that it provides you with a mobile immunity-granting Catapult token, kinda like half of a Heroic ability tacked on. The Catapult token can be very useful, but placing it in a defensive position which simultaneously gives you a strategic attack edge can be awkward, especially since you don't always want to fling your race deep into the middle of enemy territory.

Personally, I see Catapult as a moderately useful ability. If it is paired with a race I really like, especially an offensive one, I'll often take the combo, but usually it's the race that is pulling the real weight.

Dragonmaster's biggest downside is that it doesn't provide any extra mobility (the dragon can't fly, much like good old Trogdor Wink ). Mobility bonuses are rare among races -- movement bonuses are mainly the domain of special powers -- so you're unlikely to get a combo that allows your dragon to swoop across the map and quickly demolish fleeing opponents.

I still think Dragonmaster is better than Catapult -- if only for its penchant for messing up the defenses of certain races and special powers, e.g. Leprechauns, Trolls, Ratmen, Fortified, Bivouacking, and (last but not least) in-decline Priestesses. But it isn't always instantaneously better than Catapult.

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