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inquiry - Small World prototype on Xbox platform Thu, 21 April 2016 06:38
My name is Aaron Ward, I am the president of GeeQ Studios, an independent video game developer.

In June of 2010, GeeQ made a version of Small World for the Xbox 360. We approached Days of Wonder with the prototype to see if they would be interested in getting it published, but they politely declined. At the time, their internal dev team was, I believe, planning to create their own console ports.

Several years have now passed, the company has changed ownership, no console port has been published, and the Small World brand is as popular as ever. We are, therefore, wondering if such interest might now exist.

If so, we would love to present the game to you. We created a gameplay video of the playable prototype back when the project was first pitched - I can provide the link privately to avoid sharing your IP (high resolution scans of the game pieces on 3D models, etc).

Esteem'd Regards,

Aaron Ward
President, GeeQ Studios
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