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There is some suggestion of T2R Rail &Sail Mon, 18 July 2016 00:50
Dear Days of wonder

I'm one of the Korean boardgamer.

I saw the new game of your company "T2R Rail&Sail"

It looks like very good game, great artwork and diffrent try to otehr T2R.

But... ther is no The peninsula of Korea..

I understand there no station or habor in korea(korea is not important place of trasportation) but why there is even no penisula of Korea in the map?

Korea have many T2R players and official retailer of T2R(행복한 바오밥). T2R is very popular game in korea.. but Korean boardgamers are disapointed about there is no penisula of Korea..

If you game is not made yet.. can you redraw map includimg pesisula of korea?

Thanks for reading

From One gamer of the Korea
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Re:There is some suggestion of T2R Rail &Sail Mon, 18 July 2016 15:45
I think we can all see that the map wasn't well drawn.

Seriously, the Great Lakes dry up on the world map and then takes CENTER STAGE on the back!

Unfortunately, they can't redraw the map at this point. Seems bad for Parry Sound too.
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