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Expert mode question Sun, 26 February 2017 14:33
I've got a couple of questions connected with the Expert mode.

I read in the manual that in expert mode "none of the game rules are enforced by the software. Instead, you must follow them on your own and thus be intimately familiar with them. " I don't have accoess to the expert mode yet so I can't check it. Does this quote mean that in expert mode you basically play the game as if it was a "paper" board game and you have to interpret the rules and "calculate" the range stuff on your own? What about throwing dice and reducing the strength of units as a result of casualties? Finally, can the user-made scenarios be played ONLY in this mode?
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Re:Expert mode question Sun, 26 February 2017 18:30
In expert mode you play online like in normal mode. (if you mix up crazy rules you sometimes get bugs, but not if you stick to normal scenarios.)

Scenarios made for online by users can be played in expert mode. But like stated above they play like the regular ones.

My advice: Get expert mode to have acces to much more scenarios.
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