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Double Breaklord " Stalingrad " Mon, 15 May 2017 15:50
played on sathurday the 13th in Quévy (Bel)

Double victory of the team of three players composed of Michael (AUGAGNEUR), ROBERT53, and Arnaud (JUNIOR72).

  In the first game, they played with the Russian roller to crush the Axis team composed of JP Von Këvy, J-luc (SACAS), Fabrice (CRUSADER) and François.

  Victory 41 to 2? (20-25) Shocked Confused . The Axis decided to capitulate before the 45 medals, seen the gap, to be able to start the return part faster. Confused

and no, the scenario has the advantage of the Russians, is not however unbalanced, because this time the Axis won 45 to 39 !!

  I sympathize for J-Luc and Fabrice who lived a nightmare game! Laughing Laughing Responsible of the defeat, I do not give expensive to their skins to the next purge of Stalin! Shocked

  Thank you all for this excellent afternoon.

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