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Catching an intruder? Tue, 16 May 2006 19:35
We haven't played MoA too many times, but I do have a question that I want to pose...why try to catch someone who has visited your cell? Am I reading the rules right here?

1. The player who visited your cell takes a car from your hand.
2. The owner of the cell may enter his cell and catch him.
3. Ask the intruder a question.
4. Take back the card he stole and the intruder goes off to the Ecclesia for penance.

Is this really an advantage for the cell's owner? He spends one whole turn going into the cell. He doesn't get to see a new card, only the one he had before. Then he needs to spend another turn just to get out of his cell area and into the cloister. It seems to me that he his time would be better served going to the scriptorium or parlor than to waste a turns trying to catch an intruder.

Any thoughts?
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Re:Catching an intruder? Wed, 17 May 2006 00:07
Sometimes, you're right, it may not be worth it.

However, try to look at it from the perspective of the intruder: to see (but not keep) a card, he spent a turn to go the Cell and will skip another turn (for penance) and will restart in the Ecclesia. Is it worth it? Wink

Besides, things like "you waste a turn to leave your Cell" are dependant by the current turn (e.g. if Mass is going to be called, you'll restart in the Ecclesia whatever you do in this turn).

Have fun! Smile
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Re:Catching an intruder? Wed, 19 December 2007 03:44
Right. Also, if the player that entered your cell is caught, and you took the card back, you can give him that same card (he has already seen it) the next time you have to swap. (For example, it's perfect if the player is sitting to your left, since during the next mass, you give him this card of course, and he gets no new information.)
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