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I've been playing M'44 since 2006, and it's my all-time fave game. I'm no good at designing scenarios, so I've come up with the next best thing: compilation booklets for the many and varied campaigns and battles of the Second World War.

These booklets have been made with a lot of love and care, and include only the best scenarios currently available in the Scenarios from the Front (SFTF) file section, as well as official scenarios. All the garbage has been eliminated! For those remaining with an unclear rule I have added annotations.

All the booklets are designed with hyperlinks; simply click on the scenario and it will take you to the map.

My aims:

1. Produce campaign booklets that offer a full overarching narrative of the historical events that transpired in a campaign/battle, complete with awesome pictures/art and battle maps that are easy to understand.

2. Compile scenarios of a campaign/battle into chronological order.

3. Give acknowledgment to the authors of the scenarios. If you enjoy playing a particular scenario, please leave a rating/battle report. There are so many amazing scenarios that just don't get recognition - and this is a real shame. If you like it, put some stars on it so others will want to play it too!

4. And last but not least, I want your overall Memoir playing experience to be even more awesome!

I will continue to produce booklets covering all theaters/campaigns/battles and uploading them, so check back from time to time!

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