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I was introduced to Memoir 44 at my Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) in early 2017. Since then I've gone crazy for the game.

Went to the World Boardgaming Championship in 2017 to find other people to play with, and I heard about Memoir online. It's amazing, so I try and limit myself to 5 games a week so it doesn't cut into family time and after-hour work time. I've been recruiting other people to join online and beat me.

Thanks to all of you who have published great materials, like Praxeo, rasmussen81, and jdrommel. Also thanks to the people who have helped me become a better player and have given me great advice, like Tank Commander, Gheintze, Sam1812, Jeronimon, CAMiller, Cpl_Uhl, and JJAZ. I'm looking forward to giving back.

I've lived in both France and the Netherlands, and I hope to meet some of the great European players in person at the French Open or Dutch Open some time soon.

My "Airfix" name comes from the British model-making company that sold popular 1/72 scale boxes of little army men that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. At their peak, they had over 50 different sets of nationalities and conflicts.

Since getting Memoir, I've also gotten Battle Cry, the Great War, and the Command and Color games, but I still love M44 about a 100 times more than these others. I've got reviews for lots of these on BoardGameGeek under my profile "MajorAirfix" if you are interested in other games to try out.


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