Projets Mémoire '44 de Quit2

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This is the latest version of my Army Deployment System for Memoir'44. With this system, you can set up your army on the battlefield, instead of playing with the fixed deployment that comes with the current Memoir44 scenarios. - - This is a beta version. Any feedback is welcome. - - You also need to download the different deployment card files to play with these rules, as well as the scenarios. Rules: This file explains how the system works. - - Deployment card files: US:, Germany:, USSR:, BCF:, Japan: You need to print these, cut them out, fold them and put them in card sleeves (at least that is the way I did it). I've made a set of scenarios to come with this deployment system: You can use these to play this expansion and get a feel of how this works. I will make more scenarios in the future, but you are all invited to make your own as well. I'm always willing to give some advise on how to calculate how many deployment cards each camp should get.