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October 2002
  Welcome! Thu, 28 August 2003 13:52

Welcome to the Pirate's Cove forum!

Here you will be able to brag about your last pirates exploits, and hear about the latest tavern gossip!

The Pirates at Days of Wonder
 Sujet: News + Pre-order in Europe
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October 2002
  News + Pre-order in Europe Thu, 28 August 2003 14:04
On the temporary web site (, you can now view a picture of the box, and download the games rules.

If you are located in Europe, you can also pre-order the game on our secure web store. This will guarantee that you will be the first to get the product. We should have the boxes the last week of September. The game will be available for pre-order in the US a bit later.

Click here to go to the web store: euro&partno=7101

The Pirates at Days of Wonder
 Sujet: Piratenbucht vs. Pirate's Cove (Rules changes)
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December 2002
Piratenbucht vs. Pirate's Cove (Rules changes) Mon, 01 September 2003 16:40
The following was posted on Spielfrieks, and is posted here at the request of Yann of Days of Wonder. It is my observation after reading through the newly posted rules for Pirate's Cove.

Wow, I just got through reading over the Days of Wonder rules set for Pirate's Cove. They indicate they have made a few "minor" changes. I say they've made some substantial changes. Admittedly, I haven't played the new game (Piratenbucht is one of my favorites, however), but reading the rules has me salivating! Days of Wonder advises that the rules may change a bit more, but for the present here are some of the numerous "minor" changes I noted:

1. Legendary Pirates
There are now 6 Legenday Pirates (not just Blackbeard), although only one or two will ever be on the board at the same time. One or two pirate ships are placed on opposite sides of the board (2 with three players - 1 Legendary Pirate with 4 or 5 players) and advance "west" one island each game turn. A summary pirate card accompanies each ship. If/when that pirate is defeated, a new Legendary Pirate card is drawn and placed beside the ship. This new pirate will have different strengths and weaknesses from the previous Legendary Pirate. Besides Blackbeard, the Pirate ship might be The Flying Dutchman Phantom ship, Captain Hook, Ann Bonny and Mary Read, or The Cacafuego.

2. Tavern Cards:
The Tavern Cards have been divided into 6 different types:

a) Parrot Cards (a totally new addition to the game)
* There are four different wise old parrots that once travelled with an old pirate. They can give you special help if you own one. Once you get one (at the Tavern) he will give you special knowledge or ability - (i.e., carry unlimited treasures; roll 6 dice in combat; fire all your cannons; adds "20" to your speed). They come into effect as soon as they are drawn and remain on your ship mat until killed (each parrot is expert in either hull, crew, cannons, or sail) They take the first two hits on whichever part of the ship they advise (thus, in addition to their powers, they act similarly to the Mastercraft cards).

b) Mastercraft cards (replacing the Veteran Crew, etc. cards that absorbed the first two hits). Now, however, only one of these may be on a ship at a time. Further, a Mastercraft card may be repaired at the end of a battle by payment of 1 gold during the Upgrade phase.
Mastercraft cards may only be placed on a ship during the Upgrade Phase. If both a Mastercraft card and a Parrot Card are on the same ship section - the Mastercraft cards take the hit before the Parrot. (Smart parrot)

c) Combat cards (now organized into two types: Battle & Volley)
There are five different types of battle cards and three types of Volley cards. Some of these are similar to the Piratenbucht cards and others are totally new. However, the entire set of combat cards are much better organized in Pirate's Cove.

d) Event cards - Seven different event cards (one event has 2 cards, so there are actually 8 event cards in the Tavern deck. These events are played during different phases of the game: either at the End of the Treasure Phase, the Beginning of the Navigation phase, the End of the Navigation Phase, or during the Upgrade Phase - depending on which Event card it is. Most of these cards are totally new:
* Consort (for example) - forces a player of your choice to share half of htis upcoming booty with you! And if he goes to Treasure Island to bury treasures or gold - you split any fame he collects with him.
* Crow's Nest - Forces the selection of islands on the Navigation wheel to be done in clockwise order starting with the player of your choice! (You can choose to go last or first, etc. after you've seen where others are going!)
* Going On the Account - You can increase any 1 section of your ship by one level at no cost etc., etc.
e) Fame Cards (Tall Tale cards in Piratenbucht)

Over all the Tavern Cards appear to have been completely revamped and are much more important to the play of the game.

3. The Bits:
The rules, board, and bits appear to be of excellent quality -
gorgeous in fact. I loved Mystery of the Abbey - I think I'll REALLY love this one. Also included are brown wooden cubes for the treasures rather than the square cardboard chits of Piratenbucht.
Further, the dice are brown wood as well - carrying out the "shiver my timbers" theme.
The player mats are changed - with the Hull, Guns, Crew, and Sails indicators running from left to right rather then bottom to top. The gold is no longer kept on the mat, but is instead placed beside the mat. I take it the wooden cubes (treasure chests) will be kept in a small circle on the mat. Further, the mat now contains a space for the Parrot Card to be placed, if you're fortunate enough to have one.

4. Game Turn Sequence
The game turn sequence has been better organized and is much
cleaner. There are six distinct phases:
* Treasure (reveal new treasure cards on the five islands)
* Navigation (select your destination on the Captain's wheel)
* Combat
* Plunder
* Upgrade
* Move Black Ship(s) and Check Treasures

5. Combat Phase
The combat phase appears to have been cleaned up a bit. There is now a distinct "Prepare For Battle" phase during which Battle Cards are played in rounds. After all Battle Cards are played, the Volley Rounds begin. During each Volley round a player may play a Volley Card. (Volley Cards last for only one single round of firing; Battle Cards last for the entire Combat Phase.

6. Fame Points For Fleeing Ships
Unless I missed something in Piratenbucht, the rules here have
changed. Now, when a ship flees a battle, the remaining ships get Fame points ONLY if the fleeing ship took at least one hit before fleeing.

7. Mutiny
If a ship flees BEFORE taking a hit, it runs the risk of mutiny. The owner rolls 1 die. If he rolls a 1 a mutiny occurs. He loses all his gold & treasure and -2 fame points. So, think before you run!!

8. The Game Ends In A Tie
This sounds like fun! IF the game ends in a tie, all those who tied must fight to the death! The winner wins the game!

9. Four Blank Cards
In addition there will be 4 blank cards so you can add your own
ideas to the game!

10. Play Online
Eventually the folks at DOW will have the game online, and
your "password" will be imprinted on the back of your rules booklet.

Overall, I'm quite excited about the changes. It has taken
Piratenbucht to another level in my opinion. Of course, it will be interesting to see how all the new cards will "mesh" in a real game. I'd buy it just for the beautiful graphics! Can't wait.

Frank Hamrick
Rocky Mount, NC
 Sujet: New site is up and running!
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October 2002
  New site is up and running! Tue, 23 September 2003 14:17
The new Web Site is up and running!

You will find there:
  • Plenty of images
  • Lots of content: descriptions, detailed comparison with Piratenbucht, etc.
  • Resources: rules, cards to download
  • You can pre-order the game from our web site!

    Note that US owners of Piratenbucht will be offered a special upgrade price. Details will follow shortly.

    The Pirates at Days of Wonder Pirate
     Sujet: Cool Desktop Images!
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    October 2002
      Cool Desktop Images! Tue, 23 September 2003 22:13
    You can find official Pirate's Cove desktop images in the Goodies & Download page: ]


     Sujet: The Site

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    February 2003
    The Site Wed, 24 September 2003 04:59
    That's the way! Once again congrats on hearing the players and using ideas from the Geek on your site. Nice and clean design to the site as well. And the desktop pictures are a nice bonus!
     Sujet: Additional Legendary Pirate for the Game!: Captain Kidd

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    Additional Legendary Pirate for the Game!: Captain Kidd Wed, 19 November 2003 13:09
    -From Robert Ossian's Pirate's Cove Website

    "Capt. William Kidd
    The lesson to be learned from his Life:
    Going Pirate is like picking a fight;
    If you're going to do it, then just do it.
    But don't try to just do it halfway and then expect to get off the hook."

    "A New York merchant who had previously served as a privateer against the French in the West Indies,. He was commissioned in 1696 to hunt pirates but after a series of misfortunes began to raid vessels in the India Ocean. He arrived by February 1697 at the Comoro Islands off East Africa. It was apparently some time after his arrival there that Kidd , still without having taken a prize ship, decided to turn to piracy. In October 1697, his refusal to attack a Dutch ship nearly brought his crew to mutiny, and in an angry exchange Kidd mortally wounded his gunner, William Moore.

    Kidd took his most valuable prize, the Armenian ship Quedagh Merchant, in January 1698 and scuttled his own un-seaworthy Adventure Galley. When he reached Anguilla, in the West Indies (April 1699), he learned that he had been denounced as a pirate. He left the Quedagh Merchant at the island of Hispaniola (where the ship was possibly scuttled. He went to England for trial, and he was found guilty (May 8 and 9, 1701) of the murder of Moore and on five indictments of piracy and was hanged."

    in battle: variable-see below

    Roll a die before combat begins-

    If you roll a 1 or 2-

    Kidd decides NOT to fight player ships (he declares players "gentlepersons" not pyrates!)
    Let Kidd remain remain at the island, but conduct play as if he were not there. There is no combat involving Kidd this turn.

    3-4- Kidd decides not to fight player ships, he deems them not legal targets, BUT his crew overrules him and force him to attack, despite the ship not being in top shape.

    3 dice against sails (attacks LOWEST fame first, on up to highest fame)
    Hull- 4 hits --sails-17 --fame points- 3

    5-6 Kidd decides to fight player ships. He wants booty! Legal or Not! Harrr!

    6 dice against the sails (attacks LOWEST fame first, on up to highest fame)

    Hull- 6 hits --sails-27 --fame points-7 (The English Press publicize your victory all over the world)


    [Mis à jour le: Thu, 20 November 2003 03:54]

     Sujet: Pirate's Cove Tournament at GenCon SoCal
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    October 2002
    Pirate's Cove Tournament at GenCon SoCal Wed, 03 December 2003 02:24
    If you're going to be at GenCon-SoCal (Anaheim Convention Center Dec. 11-14) we're holding our first ever Pirate's Cove tournament. There are 2 qualifying rounds (1-Thursday, 1 Friday) with semi-finals on Saturday and finals on Sunday.

    Details and times are on the Gen Con website or visit our booth (#316) during the show and we'll give you the info.

    To learn more about attending GenCon-SoCal visit their website:
     Sujet: New Pirate Review
    shannon_appel ~ Skotos

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    March 2003
    New Pirate Review Mon, 08 December 2003 08:14
    Here's a new review of Pirate's Cove that I published over at RPGnet last week:

     Sujet: Congrats DoW on Origin's Award Nomination!
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    June 2003
    Congrats DoW on Origin's Award Nomination! Thu, 13 May 2004 00:28
    Pirate's Cove has been nominated for best Graphic Design of a Board Game or Expansion!

    This is just another kudo to the production values that make Days of Wonder games the benchmark for the board game industry.

    Good Luck and thanks for taking such pride in your product.


    Daniel Stahl

    [Mis à jour le: Thu, 13 May 2004 00:28]

     Sujet: Strategy and tactics ?!
    Captain Cass
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    August 2004
      Strategy and tactics ?! Wed, 25 August 2004 10:54
    Well seems like the rules have been fairly well ironed out.
    So now how about some cunning plans. Twisted Evil

    A few of these have been mentioned elsewhere but it'd be nice to have a one stop thread.

    So I guess I'll start the cannon ball rolling.

    1. *The Drunken Master* strategy.
    part 1. At first be completely random. Don't try to go anywhere useful unless per chance you do.

    Since in the first round it is difficult to predict others actions simply go anywhere there isn't an impossibly tough pirate. This way the other players will find it less possible to guess what you're up to in the following rounds because in fact even you don't know.

    part 2. Next - go where the fame lies. the best combination of treasure and infamy. Forget tooling up your ship. That'll come incidentally. Remember to visit the tavern as often as possible and if all else fails the pub at pirate's cove is also excellent.

    2. *To the Pain* Now this is a nasty tactic Shocked and no doubt common. The pirate who, rather than putting a weaker pirate out of their misery, uses their superior firepower to whittle away at their enemies other advantages.

    Luck really can be a factor in battles and I've seen much weaker boats whittle away a strong boats defenses. This tactic makes some opponents less likely to hang around and try their luck.

    Well that's it for now. I await your replies.

     Sujet: Tutorial animations
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    October 2002
      Tutorial animations Fri, 14 January 2005 22:58
    To help beginners grasp the basics of the game, we added two animations to the web site. You will find these animations on the Pirate's Cove home page and on the Rules page.


    The Days of Wonder Team
     Sujet: New cards
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      New cards Sun, 26 June 2005 03:50
    I translated some new cards from french and other do I upload them?
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