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Forum concerné: Mémoire 44 - Français
 Sujet: Tournoi du Maine (Le Mans) le 28 Janvier 2023
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Re:Tournoi du Maine (Le Mans) le 28 Janvier 2023 Fri, 27 January 2023 00:03

Vous avez bien validé l’inscription de jo boomer faite le 15 janvier via appli asso inscription Akiltoor.

Je n’ai pas tracé de confirmation. ?
Forum concerné: Ticket to Ride - the Digital Game - English
 Sujet: Plausible new boards?
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Re:Plausible new boards? Fri, 27 January 2023 01:53
redknight4 Portal Technician wrote on Sat, 17 September 2022 03:42

the maps we are missing from digital version as of 9/17/2022 are

The Heart of Africa
Team Asia (the reverse side of Legendary Asia)
The Old West (the reverse side of France)
Italy (the reverse side of Japan)
Poland (New)
Ghost Train (New)
Alvin & Dexter add on for USA, Europe, The Old West second mode that just uses Alvin
The World (Rails and Sails side A)
The Great Lakes (Rails and Sails side B)

the city/101 maps (the easiest way to introduce new adult players to the game)
Amsterdam (introduces cargo mechanics)
SF (introduces token mechanics)

ttr stay at home map (it was that pdf print it out release)

I like every one of them.
They need to take this app more seriously. Especially with portrait mode layout.

It can gain an even bigger following.