Mémoire 44 La bataille de Khalkhin-Gol Mémoire 44 La bataille de Khalkhin-Gol


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 Sujet: 2016 Champions Trophy the Battle of Khalkhin-Gol
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Re:2016 Champions Trophy the Battle of Khalkhin-Gol Thu, 08 December 2016 00:13
aller : Donut99 (Axe) vs Titanos (Alliés) 7-6 médailles 32-29 figurines

retour : Donut99 (Alliés) vs Titanos (Axe) 7-6 médailles 26 - 24 figurines

Total : Donut99 vs Titanos 14-12 médailles 58 - 53 figurines
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Re:2016 Champions Trophy the Battle of Khalkhin-Gol Thu, 08 December 2016 00:17
Manu76 (alliés) - Big Taz (axe) : 3-7 /15-23
Manu76 (axe) - Big Taz (alliés) : 7-3 / 24-16

arsenal94 vs caty

aller : arsenal94 (Alliés) vs caty (Axe) 6-7 médailles 23-31 figurines

https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/fr/battle/?id=5 4897703

retour : arsenal94 (Axe) vs caty (Alliés) 7-2 médailles 22 - 12 figurines

https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/fr/battle/?id=5 4898277

Cpl_Uhl (alliés) vs AiW (axe) : 7/3 - 33/19
Cpl_Uhl (axe) vs AiW (alliés) : 7/2 - 25/13
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 Sujet: Server disconnection problem
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Server disconnection problem Thu, 08 December 2016 02:15
I've never had this problem before, but today all 3 online games I've attempted to play I have lost because the connection to the server was broken midway through the game. I don't know what's causing this, but nothing on my side has changed and my internet connection is fine and not being intermittent or anything like that.

This seems like dumb behavior anyway, if a connection is lost it should attempt to reconnect rather than immediately make you lose the game.
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 Sujet: Fan Creations - Races and Powers

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Re:Fan Creations - Races and Powers Thu, 08 December 2016 04:16
blaxnlion wrote on Tue, 06 December 2016 05:28

I don't agree, it's perfectly balanced. Mounted grants a -1 bonus for conquest for Hills and Fields, Mountainous gives a -2 bonus conquest for only Mountains, which is exactly the same (the conquest bonus is concentrated on one kind of region instead of being dispatched on two) and they both give 5 bonus race tokens. The fact Mountains have a +1 defense bonus doesn't change anything, they're also harder to conquer, and you will need more than one race token if occupied. I fashioned the race equivalent of Mountainous, called Cryothropes, with 6 race tokens (races give one more race token than the Special Power equivalent), and I've played several times with them, and believe it or not, they were not that strong, they still have to play their way through to go from one Mountain to another, unlike Mounted, since Fields and Hills are easier to come by during your turn of conquest.

It is indeed worth mentioning Mounted with regards to balance here, yes. However, there are a couple of factors that make this different, in my opinion.

First of all, in addition to the +1 defense making Mountains more valuable than your average region, they are more numerous than other regions on some maps. On the 4 player map, there is one more mountain region than the other region types, and on the 3-player map there are two more. This makes a slight difference; maybe half a token's worth.

Secondly, I don't feel that giving a 1 token bonus to two region types is equal to a 2 token bonus to one region type. For one thing, players can pick and choose where to attack, and mountains that are next to each other are fairly common. Additionally, 2 token bonuses are not very common in Smallworld — “Were-” is the only one available on a banner, and it only grants that ability every other turn, meaning it is limited by time rather than by location.

Lastly, though, I feel this changes what seems to be a core design concept of the game: that while bonuses and rewards push different races in different directions, up until now, mountains have been a natural border that helps direct the flow of the game, right behind the water regions.

I know I've been rather wordy here, but all I'm suggesting is that you playtest it to see whether it is more powerful than anticipated, and consider reducing its tokens to 4. That's all. Smile

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 Sujet: MPWC Group E
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Re:MPWC Group E Thu, 08 December 2016 02:00
Knockando écrit le Mon, 05 December 2016 06:26

We can start first game without Ross around 20:00 if we all are in the lobby

cu this evening

Sylvain, do you have your table with results for the group ?
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Re:MPWC Group E Thu, 08 December 2016 07:47
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 Sujet: [TWC1]- Finale France vs Belgique
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Re:[TWC1]- Finale France vs Belgique Thu, 08 December 2016 00:37
je gagne 5-6 et 6-4 je suis trop naze pour poster dans le détail

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Re:[TWC1]- Finale France vs Belgique Thu, 08 December 2016 00:42
Félicitations à France, A Team, pour avoir remporté le championnat de World Cup 1! Very Happy

Je travaille sur la création d'un microbadge pour les champions. J'aimerais savoir si mon idée est bonne. Vous pouvez le trouver à https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/24418729#24418729

Le match final entre les USA et la France, B Team devrait être fait bientôt.

Here's the same thing in English:
Congratulations to France, A Team on winning the championship of World Cup 1!

I'm working on creating a microbadge for the champions. I would like to know if my idea is good. You can find it at https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/24418729#24418729

The final match between USA and France, B Team should be done soon.

Red-Eyed Jack
 Sujet: Proclamation des résultats de la WOLF-44 Saison 3
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Re:Proclamation des résultats de la WOLF-44 Saison 3 Thu, 08 December 2016 09:19
heureux d'avoir participé, heureux d’être finalement dans les 10,
heureux que ce tournoi continue Smile bref, vive la WOLF...
Et bien sur, bravo Augagneur et merci aux participants, et surtout, à Albanrey et ses GO Cool