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 Sujet: Memoir 44 World Cup Signups are Open
Red-Eyed Jack
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July 2016
Memoir 44 World Cup Signups are Open Sun, 25 September 2016 04:09
Signups for the World Cup are open through Sunday, October 9

There will be teams, which will consist of 6 players each.
Any nation, that has 6 or more players sign up, will have their own team.
Nations that have fewer then 6 players sign up will be combined to form other teams.

There will be a round-robin, In which each team will play all the other teams.

For each round, there are 3 different scenarios, 1 official and 2 SFTF. 2 players from each team will play each of the 3 scenarios.
To figure out who plays which of the scenarios in each round, I request that when people sign up, that they include which of the scenarios they would like to play.

The theme is having the scenarios feature as many different nations as possible.

Round 1: Battle of Warsaw
Po Valley [FFM44]*
Battle of the Lys*
Round 2: Guam Landings
[Barbarossa] Battle of Tiganca [FFM44]*
Round 3: [Yug] Fall Schwarz*
Into the Cauldron
[Russia] Serafimovitch Salient [FFM44]*
Round 4: Tornio*
Brother against Brother*
Operation Spring
Round 5: Breakout to Lisyanka
battle of Agordat Italian east africa*
Battle of the Tennis Court (Online Version)*
Round 6: Forêt d'Ecouves
Linyi Online*
[COOL 2015] Kokoda Trail – Act 2*
Round 7: Moravian-Ostrava Offensive*
Flanking Maneuver at Bir Hakeim
[COOL 2015] Magliana's Bridge*
Championship Round: Arracourt
Kollaa [DO2016] Online*
Operation Weserubung*

I've come up with battles for enough rounds for if we could get a total of 8 teams. If there are fewer then 8 teams, then the later rounds will be cut, starting with Round 7 and going up.

The scoring system that we will use: Each team will get 1 point for each match won as well as 1 point for each battle won.

Sign up at -cup-signups

Good luck, and have fun!

Red Eyed Jack aka Matthew Miller