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 Sujet: Extra Countries still possible?
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October 2013
Extra Countries still possible? Wed, 30 October 2013 17:53
Hi, the rules pdf for the championship says that "This list may be updated at any time to include additional Qualifying Tournaments."

Can anyone tell me if it's still possible to add countries to the championship? Who can do such a thing? Days of Wonder alone?

I really wanted to help organize one in Portugal, but I don't know where to begin, or even if it's still possible.
 Sujet: Ukraine Championship 2014
AWT Morientes ZL
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December 2012
Ukraine Championship 2014 Thu, 13 November 2014 17:46
Usa map 2er
First player (home) had 6 starts in a row .
3rd place = Best Of Seven Match (3rd player in round robin had 1 more start)
Final game = Best of Nine Match (1rd player in round robin had 1 more start)
 Sujet: NC2015 Ci sono
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July 2005
NC2015 Ci sono Mon, 24 August 2015 21:30
Eccomi. Nessun problema in nessun ruolo in nessuna squadra! E che nessuno mi faccia notare che troppe negazioni confermano... Very Happy
Vedo di sollecitare Stefano e Federica a dare una veloce risposta.