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  Variant: Intense Auctions Tue, 17 April 2007 11:03
Colosseum Variant: Intense Auctions

Wolfgang Kramer and Markus Lübke have designed a variation for Colosseum players who enjoy even more intense competition. This variant changes Phase 2 of the game turn: Acquiring Event Asset Tokens (page V of the Rules Booklet).

In the variant, each player, in turn order, will have a chance to initiate a bidding round. Additionally, players who have already won one or more auctions during the phase may still participate in and bid, once the player initiating the auction changes.

This variant placed a premium on players managing their money more carefully to give themselves a better chance to win multiple biddings during each turn.

We hope you will enjoy this Variant. As it is an official Variant we have updated the Rules Booklet, page XI, here.

The Days of Wonder team

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