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Warning: tüfftüff Sat, 30 May 2009 20:11
Today we played a multi with tigergirl_1990 (Carina), Juuco, Yellow, tüfftüff and me.

Carina had problems with her internet connection and was blown out. We waited a while, but she didn't come back. It was played 20 percent or so.

After 5-10 minutes we decided to leave this game. We (Yellow, Juuco, Hecki) left - except tüfftüff. He ignored everything, stayed in this game and played on. Every discussion about the sense of his behavior was broken by him. He said he would go on.

So i just want to warn every top player who does not want to lose points about this player. TÜFFTÜFF (player-id 240526)

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