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February 2013
Unresponsive support, undelivered purchase. Sun, 10 February 2013 18:52
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

To start, I need to say that me, my girlfriend and the most of our friends are fond of Ticket to Ride board game and have spent many evenings playing in it (Europe with extension, Germany - Märklin collector's edition, Nordic edition). That's why we have ordered the new "Heart of Afrika" edition on Christmas, the 25th December, directly from the

It was not stated on the site that during holidays there may be expected any service delays or other delivery interruptions. We've specified the address of our "Ferien House" (Holiday House), where we've been during the Christmas near the Dusseldorf (Germany).

The payment was processed successfully. With our previous order, the game was delivered on 4th day since the order, so we were planning to enjoy the game together before the Silvester (New Year's Eve), when we were to leave.

My girlfriend has emailed to with the new address (which is the home address, actually), but still there's a silence for reply.

On the 4th January (!) we've received a notification from DPD (courier company), that we should expect the delivery in the coming days. But as it seemed, it was sent to that Ferien House, instead of the specified new address via email.

We've sent dozens emails in German and English (too bad we don't speak French, I wonder if it could help any), and received only one reply, that confirmed our guesses - nobody bothered about email requests to change the delivery address, the game was sent to that Ferien House. According to the DPD records, package sent back (returned) due to non-delivery.

It's 10th February 2013 now, and there's still no reply, no apologize, no game, nothing. I'm wondering if that is how Days Of Wonder are maintaining their online business? Are your games that popular, that you do not bother about your most loyal customers?

The site has no contact phones, no company names, no responsible persons for operation, only postal address (for a lawsuit?).

At this point _we_are_pushed_to_ make a chargeback and are sending the corresponding request to the bank on the nearest working day.

Too bad for our friends from Sweden who were unable to enjoy their (and our) lovely game with us during that week. It's up to your business model, as it seems, - customers should buy from the local stores and through distributors (or Amazon), but not from

Have fun.

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