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Server Access Denied Error (esp with 1910 mega), steam Sun, 31 March 2013 11:41
I have all TTR content in my PC steam account, but am unable to always play/host certain games with all players, especially with 1910 mega content. It gives a message like "server access denied"
I could start a game with 1910 mega for instance, but only 1 of my 2 friends who owned the game and all expansions could join it. Similarly, whenever I tried to join either of the friend's 1910 mega games, it gave me that error.

I think there's a bug with permissions in the server.
My base TTR game and the europe and switzerland maps were from free steam codes on my DoW account. I then bought 1910 and asia from a steam DLC sale.
Somehow I think the TTR server is getting confused about what to allow and what not to allow when there's mixed sources of content like that. I know steam can distinguish them, if you list DLC on steam it shows some are from steam, some are from "retail"

It was very annoying not to be able to play content that I purchased!

I finally solved the problem today (after months of having this issue on and off) by merging my steam account into my DoW account, and then the server properly realizes I have permission to play everything I purchased. But this should still be fixed! Not allowing people to play content they purchased is inexcusable! I think this is the source of some other similar errors reported on the forum too.

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  Server Access Denied Error (esp with 1910 mega), steam  YargoSun, 31 March 2013 11:41
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