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Discovered a new bug.. Sun, 14 April 2013 07:07
Was playing Sugar Loaf & Half Moon today as the allies - in one turn I was able to move two infantry units onto the two caves on the allied right flank and seal them.

The first strange thing I noticed, was that the dice rolled to attempt to seal before I clicked 'yes' on the dialog box asking me if I wanted to attempt to seal. The same thing happened with the second cave, the dice rolled before I clicked 'yes' on the dialog.

Next strange thing - there were a total of 3 rolls (of 3 dice each) made on that turn attempting to seal the 2 cave hexes. I don't remember all of the dice but I'm not sure I even rolled stars in them, which are required to seal. Whatever I rolled, both hexes were converted to 'hill' hexes, indicating they were sealed. Japanese infantry also were afterward not able to move there via cave movement, so I'm sure that incorrectly or not, the game thought they were sealed.

Next strange thing (this is the bug I discovered) - Japanese infantry later moved back to a former cave hex (moved there the old fashioned way, not via cave movement) so we had a Japanese Infantry adjacent to a Marine Infantry, both on top of the hills which were previously caves. When the Marines battled the adjacent Japanese unit, the dice indicator showed 3 dice, but only 1 die was actually rolled, as though the cave protections were STILL IN EFFECT.

I'd direct you to the replay, but the replay won't show anything beyond turn # 13. Another bug.

These problems were probably already known to the community, but its rather annoying to STILL be finding new bugs in the game after this long. I don't have any hope that they'll ever be fixed, either.

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