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Booklet 2, coming soon!! Sun, 08 December 2013 17:35
Hi all,

As you can see on the SFTF page, I have posted 12 new, 1 old and 2 reworked scenarios. Some of these will be in Almilcar's and my new Booklet. You all know how professionally designed Jaime did the first booklet. From what I've seen so far the second will be better.

Also, we will have a new scenario in the booklet from the great writer, jdrommel!! He has graciously agreed to allow us to publish for the first time a scenario of his in our booklet. You know it will be great.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask those who have played any in our first booklet to post some of your likes and dislikes here on this thread. Some of the new scenarios I have written are very different than what you normally see. I would like to get feedback on whether they are too complicated. Some of the upcoming scenarios will have you keeping track of turns, placing hidden units, and special rules of my making. Since all of these scenarios are based on real events, I tried to get the flavor of the battle in the setup and rules. Or, would you rather just see basic ones? Let me know.

Once we decide which scenarios will be in the booklet, I will explain some of my thoughts in designing them here on this thread for anyone who may be interested in writing some of their own.

Anyway, stay tuned on this thread for the publishing date of our booklet.


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