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WW 14 FINAL ROUND Wed, 10 July 2019 00:15
Dear 9+1lucky finalists. Here is the starting points of the final round. Not a big difference, so everything is open. (see also Qy5nYExWvONuDSIK6p3SJ4Q/edit#gid=0)

Points for Final round
Big Taz 40,25
Junior72 39,17
thina67 39,00
KeLian_05 38,67
misterfunny 38,50
Photios 37,75
deepnet 36,83
Donut99 36,83
Titanos 35,58
lucky91 35,42

the official start of the final round will be August 1st and battles should be played until Oct 20th to allow a few days in case a substitute is needed (probably no such need, just as in round robin)

The same method of point calculation will be applied.

Please, send me a pm with the Expert maps you would like to play. The 3 maps with the more votes will be the ones to play.

Scheduled is already published in: xL5H6nF1EppFZXMT6nSfzDc/edit? com&ts=5cc4e015&actionButton=1#gid=81317373

I hope the format is clear; each finalists is playing with 3 opponents depending on their rank. Big Taz for example should play with players ranked 8,9 & 10. However, he has already played with Titanos, so instead he plays against #7 (deepnet). The sum of his opponents ranks is 25 and has the "easiest" schedule. Then Junior72 has a sum of 24, and so on progressively down to lucky91 with the most "difficult" schedule: a sum of only 7.

The sequence of opponents is not random. Each player will play with the first opponent on Map 1, 2nd opponent on Map 2 & 3rd opponent on Map3.

For example, thina67 will play vs. KeLian_05 in Map1; vs. Donut99 in Map2 & vs. Titanos in Map3.

As in preliminary round, you may play anytime you wish within the predetermined time-frame. You may play maps in any sequence.

Wish you all a great time!

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