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Re:A.I Battles Sat, 02 November 2019 00:26
When Memoir Online first came out, I suspected there might be something funny about the dice. However, it has been proven to my satisfaction that the dice are, indeed, fair:

DOW has stated that the die roller only knows which battle a die roll is for, and how many dice to roll. It doesn't know who the player is or what the target is.

The same die roller is used for multiple simultaneous games, so even if there were a pattern, it would be split among all the current games.

A player named Hamon Serano tabulated several thousand games, and a couple hundred thousand rolls. The percentages were almost exactly 1/6 per face. (1/3 for Infantry, since it has two faces on the die.)

The AI often plays to maximize its dice rolled, which means it will tend to get a lot of hits, but in the process, it sometimes exposes itself to bigger attacks.

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