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The Learning Scenario's Thu, 14 May 2020 06:42
I thought I'd Ask a question; for those of you who have played over 2,500 games on 80 Different Scenario's (online).

Question:  What Scenario or Scenario's Have had the most positive influence on your game play?
More precisely, playability methods to evaluate Scenario's improving game play,  along with evaluating player experience. In hopes that the players have a positive and impactful learning experience.

Battle of Warsaw:
Both Sides are equally fun, and having the same importance.

For the Axis;
Aggressive Tank advance and "withdrawal".
Go ahead and use your Tanks as Cannon fodder, eliminate wire, while targeting Key units, Arty on right flank, Inf. in the open. German Forces don't want to limp into Battle.

For the Allies: Targeting, Falling Back.
The Allies must think Defense. Why is pulling back units so foreign in this game?

Sugar loaf and Half moon:
Tis good for learning how to Assault. As the Axis (Japs) you can not win unless you Advance your units. 

Bloody Ridge:
Axis: Most players (even the good ones) feel the Japs should only be played a certain way.
Consider Using the Japanese forces the same as you would any other Nationality...Banzai can be harmful. In this Scenario the Axis Players tends to jump into it much too fast.
You are out of range for the enemy to do any real damage, so take your time and prepare a proper Assault.

Allies: Always fall back and move as far forward (target enemy units) as to leave enemy units out of (Bonsai) range in case of Assault.

When it comes down to the last few turns, players will always see the winning kill shot. I suggest to always (every turn) look for safety for your units first. what is the better firing position...out in the open is not a good position to be in.

Players always know what unit to hit when it comes down to the last turn of the game. They will go for the kill no matter what the odds. Of course when it comes down to win or lose, making a shot like that is always considered luck.
I rarely go for a win (unless I am facing absolute defeat) that would require me to roll 3 die (jumping out in the open) to gain two hits in order to achieve certain victory...much less going for three dice to gain three hits...who wants to win like that?

Players are given an opportunity to react to the different situations that occur. In theory, better players should be better at planning their turns around the randomness that occurs, so the increased amount of in-game luck should theoretically be counterbalanced by an increase in skill.

I always thought it would be nice if there was a place a guy could go to find out the best strategy for a particular Scenario.
I for one have jumped into a tourney game wishing I knew more about the Scenario I just jumped into.These are my Favorite Scenario's, Tried and tested. The above mention Strategy works and it works well.

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