Christmas of 2000. In no small part due to a raving review in French "Casus Belli" magazine, Eric Hautemont re-discovers this forgotten classic, now in its second European edition.

Three months later, sold out, the game disappears from the market for a seemingly never-ending waiting period of over a year (it is an addictive game, after all!).

Frustration sets in, then the thought of actually doing something about it! A careful read of the copyrights notice and a Google search later, the soon-to-be founders of Days of Wonder have tracked the game's original inventor, a delightful gentleman by the name of Lee Yih, down to his Honk Kong residence.

A couple more months and, the rights acquired, the game launches to critical acclaim in the US and its now third European edition. A month later, Gang of Four Online launches. The rest, as they say, is history! Come out and Play!