Ticket to Ride San Francisco Ticket to Ride San Francisco

Awards & Quotes


Super As d'or 1997 in Cannes (France)

Bronze Tric Trac 2003 Award (France)

"I'm addicted! I'll tell you that this is a wonderful card game that is very addicting, and has zoomed to the top of my list of desired plays. Added to that is a free one year web pass to play online... This will be one of my games where the cards will wear. And that's a great thing. Enjoy!" Jay, from Cherry Hill, NJ on Funagain. 5 stars out of 5.

"My favorite Card game!" Steve Ellis, owner, Rainy Day Games, OR

"This is a great, trick-taking game. I highly recommend this for a good evening of casual gameplay and strategy. The game seems simple at first, but good gameplay lends itself to deeper strategy." Jerome McCauley - BGG 10 out of 10 rating.

"As with Wizard a few years ago, I have become addicted to this game." Dave Shapiro - BGG 8 out of 10 rating