6/6/2004 - Days of Wonder was invited to the International Ceremony of Arromanches, which was celebrating the veterans of the 14 allied countries that participated to D-Day. 23 heads of states and of governements were present. It was a moment filled with emotion and dignity. You will find here a few pictures of the ceremony and some links to more photographs and videos.

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Before the arrival of the VIPs, military music from each country was played. The Polish were probably the most spectacular performers. We would never have thought hearing Abba at a miltary parade!

Arrival of the heads of states and governements.

Arrival of HM Queen Elisabeth II.

Arrival of the Veterans. Everyone was very impressed. They received a standing ovation, of course.

Medals to the Veterans by French President Jacques Chirac

Fly past of four Mirages 2000, in perfect diamond formation. We also saw F16 planes, Hawk, A10, and Rafale jetfighters.

Amazing: 60 years later, they still fly! A Lancaster bomber, a Dakota transport, and Spitfire and Hurricane fighters!

The ceremony ended with an evocation of images, sounds and actors in an homage to the fallen.