International Gamers Award 2004 winner (General Strategie, 2 players)

2005 Game of the Year in Norway - General Strategy Category

Best 2-player game on

Games Magazine - Best Historical Simulation 2005

“Memoir '44 has a great atmosphere to it. It drips history, like a leaking grandparent.”

Paul Millen on Gaming Daily
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“In a word ... WOW! To expound ... WOW-EE! To be totally honest, I was blown away by the package and the contents, and the quality that has obviously gone into this game. I know that, for many, this will be a game that will blow you away, as well. The combination of materials is outstanding, and far exceeded my expectations (I half expected that what the website showed would be far less impressive in reality). I heartily recommend this game, and hope that your experiences with the game will be close to mine.”

Brien Martin on Consimworld

Awesome, awesome, and again I say AWESOME little battle game. Gets rid of all the niggling little problems with Battle Cry and adds some fantastic new tactical elements like artillery fire, breakthrough attacks, special forces, victory point objectives... all kinds of stuff! I hope this one is a huge seller for Days of Wonder – they did a fantastic job of developing it (and the bits are mega-cool).”

Chris Brua, 10 out of 10 rating on Boardgamegeek

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