Heat: Pedal to the Metal Heat: Pedal to the Metal

Campaign Book Volume 1 invites you to relive the conflicts of World War II in all of their staggering scope and intensity. Included are more than 50 new scenarios and advanced campaign rules covering three Theaters of Operations throughout the War: The Battle for Normandy in the summer of 1944, the Blitzkrieg to the West in 1940, and Operation Barbarossa on the Russian Front in 1941.

It introduces the campaign rules which let you play scenarios in succession, with the outcome of each battle impacting what follows: each success brings you closer to victory, while defeats will deal you temporary set-backs, or worse, the possible complete rout of your Army!

With this book, you'll step into the boots of Montgomery, or head out at the front of a German column to try and throw the Allies back to the sea. Unleash your Panzers onto hapless Belgium and France, or advance into the frozen steppes of the Soviet empire.

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Grand Campaign Sheets

Campaign Sheets (English)

Courtesy of Jesse "Rasmussen81" Rasmussen

Campaign Sheets (French)

Campaign Book Help Sheets

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Spanish Additional Resources

Courtesy of Jaime "Almilcar" Devesa and Jose "jasorel" Ruiz

Campaign Book, Volume 1, requires the original Memoir '44 board game. Additional expansions may be required for some of the campaigns presented.