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Capture HQ/supply Tent

Capture HQ/supply Tent

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  1. gheintze says

    Definition of &quot;reclaim&quot; (Comment / Question)

    The community consensus is that it is enough to drive or eliminate the enemy from your HQ/Supply Tent to replenish your hand. It is not necessary to reoccupy the hex. See;rid=86328&amp;S=a3bbc4f8a0745985d8fc12d6c597f991&amp;start=0

  2. raistlin_majere says

    Definition of &quot;reclaim&quot; (Comment / Question) (Comment / Question)

    In my opinion there is no consensus. The numbers behind that thread are 2 vs. 2. Official ruling should be provided.

  3. rooster5 says

    Intel Gathered (House Rule)

    If a player captures an oponents HQ, he may peek at two of his opponents cards of attackers choice, then discards one of those cards, returns other card to player.

  4. gheintze says

    Reclaiming HQ or Supply Tent, from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. The Capture HQ/Supply Tent rule states that you must re-claim this hex before you get your full hand of cards back. Can I just eliminate the enemy unit, or do I have to move a friendly unit onto the hex to re-claim it?
    A. A friendly unit must move onto the HQ/Supply Tent hex and occupy it. When you reoccupy the hex, immediately draw a Command Card to replenish you hand.

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