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Night Attacks

Night Attacks

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  1. gheintze says

    Night Visibility Chart (Comment / Question)

    Q. The text at level 6 of the Night Visibility Chart is at odds with the graphic and other text at the bottom of the card which states "All units are subject to this limitation on their firing range". It would be much clearer if level six simply stated "Visibility Unlimited" in big letters, and dispensed with the hex graphic.
    A. Good point. At level 6 visibility is indeed unlimited.


    NIGHT ATTACKS (Comment / Question)

    so only the allies have a problem with
    Or also the axis on de battlefield.

  3. bafusilier says

    Allies vs. Axis (Comment / Question)

    It isn't that the Allies are the only ones with a "problem", it's that the Allied _player_ is the one who rolls the dice. The visibility restrictions apply to both sides.

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