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  1. gheintze says

    Paradrop Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. During a Paradrop, are all of the Paratrooper figures dropped at the same time?
    A. Yes. Put the Paratrooper figures in you hand. Position your hand about 12" above the board and just open your hand. You should try to have them all fall out at about the same time.

    Q. If two figures drop into the same hex, are both of them out of action?
    A. Yes. If any part of the figure is on the same hex as a friendly or enemy figure and also on a hex with no other figure, the Paratrooper figure is out of action.

    Q. What part of a Paratrooper figure determines which hex it is in?
    A. When a figure is on more than one hex, the player that had the Paradrop may choose any of these hexes to place the figure and the rest of the unit. If however, part of the figure is in a hex and part is off the board (or in the same hex as any other unit), it is out of action and removed from the board at no medal cost.

  2. JFKoski says

    Paradrop Question from 2013 FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. If I am playing a scenario that allows me to drop Paratroopers before my first turn (i.e. Sainte-Mère-Eglise), do I draw my cards
    before the paratroop drop and thus gain an advantage of knowing where I should drop?
    A. Yes, you get to draw your cards before the paratroop drop.

  3. JFKoski says

    Two types of Paradrops? (Comment / Question)

    There seems to be different rules for each scenario involving Paradrops, which has caused confusion. What follows is my opinion.

    I found two classes of Paradrop.

    1. Free Paradrop(s) before the first turn (or a specific turn). I think the dropped units may move and battle if ordered on the turn. This contradicts the fourth bullet point on the card, above.
    -Operation Amherst,
    -The Rescue of Mussolini,
    -Drop in the Night: 82nd (drops before game),
    -Drop in the Night: the 101st (drops before game)
    -The Coup de Main,
    -Massacre at Vassieux-en-Vercors (campaign bonus* for German win at Battle of Saint-Nizier is 1 figure drop before Turn 2).

    2. Paradrop(s) as a result of order(s) on the turn. Usually this is one order per drop site (which is indicated in the scenario). The Command Card must be able to order an infantry unit in the section of the drop site. Upon landing, these units cannot move and battle as the card says, above.
    -Manado Landings,
    -Drop in the Night: 82nd (ordered daylight drops),
    -Drop in the Night: the 101st (ordered daylight drops).

    Note: For many Paradrop scenarios ALL figures are NOT dropped at the same time (as first answer in first comment says).
    -Operation Amherst, 3 drops of 3 figures each (9 units),
    -The Rescue of Mussolini, 2 drops of 3 figures each (6 units),
    -Drop in the Night: 82nd, 3 drops of 3 figures (9 units),
    -Drop in the Night: the 101st, 3 drops of 3 figures each (9 units),
    -The Coup de Main, 3 drops of 3 figures each (9 units).

    *There may be other Paradrops due to campaign bonuses.

  4. player2070493 says

    Paradrop from the middle over the board? (Comment / Question)

    When you can drop multiple times, can you choose where above the board you can perform the drop? Sometimes it would be handy if you could locate the drop above a more or less "empty" spot.

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