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Italian Royal Army

Italian Royal Army

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  1. JFKoski says

    Card Update for Equipment Pack (Comment / Question)

    Italian Army Rules were introduced with the Mediterranean Theater expansion in 2008. Official scenarios before that using Italians do not use them.

    Bullet Point #1 was added to the card with the Equipment Pack in 2012, instead of creating a "6b" card.

    As a result, early scenarios with Italian Army rules (such as Raid on Barce) use only Bullet Points #2 and #3.

    Similarly, scenarios with mixed forces (Italians &amp; Germans) would not use Italian High Command rule, but would use #2 and #3.

    At this time official scenarios designed for Italian High Command rule include:
    Battle of Nezuet Ghirba (EP),
    Yasnaya Polyana (EP bonus #4),
    Cavalry Charge at Chebotarevsky (EP bonus #5),
    Operation Little Saturn (EP bonus #6),
    Italian Diversion at Gazala (EP bonus #8), and
    Battle of Agordat (French Open 2013).

    Variant (house rule):
    If all your units on the board are Italian, I suggest you use Italian Army rules including Italian High Command rule and start with 6 cards.
    Beda Fomm,
    Oath of Kufra,
    Gallabat &amp; Metemma,
    Raid on Barce.

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