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Blowing Up Bridges

Blowing Up Bridges

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  1. gheintze says

    Blowing up Bridges Medal? (Comment / Question)

    Yes. If a bridge is blown up with a unit on it, the unit is destroyed and the attacker receives a medal.

  2. gheintze says

    Blowing Up Bridges Questions from the FAQ (Comment / Question)

    Q. Do you have to be adjacent to the bridge to blow it?
    A. No. Blowing up a bridge is a card play that does not require a unit to be adjacent to the bridge unless stated otherwise in the Special Rules. Note: The rules for blowing up a bridge are not permanent rules, but rather scenario-specific additions, outlined in the Special Rules section of each scenario.

    Q. If a unit is on a bridge when it is blown up, is the unit destroyed?
    A. Yes. The whole unit is destroyed along with the bridge. The unit counts as a Medal.

    Q. If Im allowed to build pontoon bridges, and my opponent is allowed to blow up bridges (like in Cadets of Saumur), can my opponent blow up a pontoon bridge I just built?
    A. Yes.

  3. starwarsgolfer says

    "Play a section card" (Comment / Question)

    Q) If I play a Probe on the flank with the bridge is blowing the bridge one of the two chosen units or the entirety of my action?

    Q) If I play a General Assault, Pincer Move, etc. do I get to command units in the other flanks?

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