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Air Strikes & Blitz

Air Strikes & Blitz

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  1. gheintze says

    Counter Attacking an Air Strike (Comment / Question)

    Q. If both the Axis and Allied player can use Recon 1 cards as Air Power/Air Sortie (of which there are no current official scenarios), will a Counter Attack follow the card or the effect that was chosen by the opponent?
    A. The Counter Attack card may be used as a Recon 1 or as an Air Power/Air Sortie, the Counter Attacking players choice.

  2. JFKoski says

    Card update needed. (Comment / Question)

    We have Blitz on another card, Action 15. We don't need it here too. If this card is updated to remove Blitz then it can be used Online for Counter-Attack on Mortain and Battle for Hill 178, and face-to-face games.

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